Etherton, Margaret ca 1808> Tennessee

I am seeking information on Margaret Etherton b ca 1808, Tennessee. Margaret Etherton married William Umsted in Greene County, Tenn in 1843. William and Margaret had three sons, John, Richard, and Phillip. I have a great deal of information on this family from 1843 and later, but would like to find information on Margaret’s parentage.

I strongly believe that Margaret’s maiden name may have been Meredith. Several years ago I made contact with an Etherton surname researcher, (researching in Greene county, TN) after I could find no information in or around that area, for the time period on a Margaret Etherton, I asked the researcher if she had any Etherton men that might have married a woman named Margaret in the 1825 time era. She told me she had a James Etherton (b:ca 1805) that had married a Margaret Meridith ca 1825 in Cocke county, TN, and that after the marriage, his parents and the newly married couple moved to ILL, shortly after that he found she was pregnant with another man’s child and divorced her.

Jumping a few years, I find my William and Margaret Umsted in Greene county, TN 1850 census, a few houses away I find a young man, James Etherton aged 25. Jumping ahead to 1860, I find Margaret Umsted living in Clay county, ILL, next door is the same James Etherton now age 34, that was in Greene county, TN.

My theory for that this might be my Margaret Etherton: That Margaret moved back to Tennessee, that whether or not the child belonged to James Etherton (b:ca 1805), Margaret named her son after the man she had been married to.

Realizing that this may all be assumption, I’m still seeking input.

Please contact the submitter by posting a comment here or email direct. If you email direct, please post the information you pass on here for everyone to view for years to come!

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